Monday, 10 February 2014

Week 22 of (week 2 of Transfer 4)

This week was another decent one! It was our second week together and time is moving faster and faster. It is crazy that I am almost up the first side of the house haha for all you return missionaries who understand that lingo haha( house analogy). This past week was not bad. So to start off it has been feeling a lot like back at home! There is huge piles of snow and it is awesome! I have never felt more at home in this cold weather haha. It is honestly awful. I love the snow soooo much! Well i am grateful for our car even though it does have bald tires and we have to get pulled out of a snow drift haha by a tow truck. Yes you heard me we got pulled out of a ditch by a two truck haha. We high centered our car and that plus snow is not a good idea. Any-who we have been doing lots of snow shoveling and service with the snow that will not stop falling haha.
This past week we had Zone Training in Hamilton. So imagine this! Your are driving super early in the morning, highways are plastered with snow, its a white out, and our tires are bald. Yeah, that was our fun adventure up to Hamilton. It took us about 2 hours for a drive that should of taken only an hour haha. Than coming home was even worse! We went soooo slow. Traffic was awful. So I always went to my first Mucho Burrito. It was sooooo huge. I could barely finish one but my comp decided he would devour two of them. He has the largest stomach I have ever seen. But man it was so good! I love Mexican food. I literally could barely even hold it. Traveling back to Niagara was quite fun too.

Well as for our investigators we have a few they are Tim. Who we have been having trouble actually meeting with. His number doesn't work and so we have to literally drop by and pray for a miracle. It is so hard to catch him. Than this past week we picked up a new investigator named Lisa. She is super nice and really awesome. She was catholic but stopped going to church because she lost faith in religion. So we are now teaching her! She came to church and is reading like a mad man from the book of Mormon. It is so awesome to see the ward support her too! It was nice as we did not have to worry about her on Sunday, one of the members stole her and took her around for a chapel tour and to all the classes haha. We are super happy to have found her. Then we have Kayla who is a young single mom. She is wanting to find out if God is really there. She is loving the Book of Mormon but having trouble understanding the wording. So she has actually bought herself a dictionary and is now studying everything! Her Book of Mormon is starting to look as colorful as a missionaries! It is awesome to see people progressing towards truth and coming closer to Jesus Christ. Something that I have been pondering about is just the power of pray and how much it really does help. We are taught just as Joseph Smith did to ask specific questions to God to receive specific answers. We have to ask questions to God to get a confirmation of the truth of all things. I have a strong testimony this past week become even stronger that when we ask specific questions God will give us the answers and the truth we seek for. I have seen it in the lives of our investigators as they have asked and have received that answer. We all too must continually strengthen our testimonies of the Restoration and so I would encourage all who reads this tonight in your prayers ask God, if Joseph Smith was a prophet of God and wait for the answer. I can promise you God will by the power of the Holy Ghost confirm that. We also still have Bryan who is MIA haha so nothing to report on him. But this week we are hopefully going to find more people to teach :) so people of this area here we come!

The ward here is amazing! They are so kind and giving. We had a Ward Valentines party and it was super fun! We brought Lisa too it and the Ward treated her as their own. It is always nice to have a ward who is behind you in missionary work. This ward has been feeding us to! A lot they love having the missionaries over. They are all so friendly and so kind haha :). I cannot begin to tell you about how funny some of the members are!
Have an awesome week! Love you all!

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