Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Transfer 12 Week 6: Baptism & Ballin'

Oh ya looking fresh in white! haha

the awesome bridge we found! 

We found a good place to see Toronto!

Our basketball clan! We balling every Friday!

Love these guys !

Well y'all,
The Weston west area is getting closed down! So both Elder Hatch and I are being separated and I am going to Toronto North, unsure of the area and everything. Heard it is a good area though. It is apart of the downtown core and should be fun! Demetri and Nat were both super sad that we were taking off and not coming back till later. I will miss that apartment and all the people in this area. There was honestly SOOOO much potential  that for now will remain untouched till they have missionaries there again. In our mission they are falling down to about a 3rd less than what we have now. So they are shutting down a few areas. 

Well this week we had Cayden's baptism! It was sooo awesome! He was so prepared and ready. We had actually a lot of people come to the baptism! We also had Densel's baptism too! Cayden was beaming all afternoon at church and nervous but ready. He had some questions about mission after his baptism and was like when can I get to go out there and serve haha. I love it! he is so excited to go to the Temple! I hope that he enjoys that experience and continues to have this fire for missionary work and the Gospel. Densel I had met awhile ago and was not our invs but might of been haha. He is a nice older brother from Trinidad. He made soooooooo many changes in his life and it was a special experience interviewing him. By witnessing him and speaking with him I have seen the Atonement at its finest again. It is so amazing how no matter what we do in this life that the Atonement will fix everything. I know it will. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I am sorry for any of the past people I have harmed, lied to, and did anything that was negative. I wish to make this right and will. I love you all and think you are all amazing. I pray everyday for you all. Know that. Please know that I do mean it when I say I love all of you. You are some of my dearest friends and family. I pray that you will be able to partake of the Atonement as I have had in my life and to see the change it will make in yours. 

Have an awesome week! 
member gave us some good cake! so rich!

from the apartments, a good ol'selfie.

My interview with Gigi for her baptism with the Sisters!

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