Monday, 8 September 2014

Transfer 9: Week 1

Hey Everybody!
Well this is my first email from the Burrow. I got transferred to the burrow. I am in West Scarborough! I am so excited to be here! So on Monday I took Elder Tinney to Brampton and dropped him off to the departing missionary meeting. I just hung out at the BSC waiting for my ride. It turned out that my ride was full and so they took off and were supposed to find me a ride. However they failed to talk to the people they said they would and so I was left there stranded without a ride to my new area haha. So I hung out with the new missionaries and trainers and than went and chatted with some of the dying missionaries. A lot of the missionaries I served with in districts now are all dead haha it is truly a sad thought. Time is literally flying by and I do not like it one bit. So I finally got a ride with Elder Gunnell and Elder Call his new greenie. We jamed all of us into the car and fit three peoples luggage into there two! I was literally buried under the seats haha. When we got into Toronto I could not see out the windows but once we got out of the car buildings literally grew to new hieights and it was the CITY. I have never been so happy to see apartment buildings in my whole entire life. We unloaded there stuff than headed over to met up with my comp and the other Elder's. We ended up getting into a dinner with the other missionaries. After that we went to ESL and than off to our area. We went out with 15 mins left and met a guy named Mathal! He is from the Caribbean! We will be meeting with him again! I did my thorough clean of the apartment and got everything all tidy! It is now liveable. Man I miss the smell of apartments haha, we get a nice whiff of some weed every morning! This place is so cultural diverse and really nice. I love apartment building tracting and that is what we have been doing. Wednesday came and we were abck at it working out butts off and walking all over. We are on buses down here and boy is it a riot! I love it! We have a few invs we are working with, Marius and anita, Hugh, Erika, John, Mathal, Juwahir, and a Doct Kunj. we have a ton of invs and are busy every day! I really am unsure how to report on all these people but ya. They are all awesome and I will update you on the most progressing ones or anyone that we have a good experience with. Weekly planning took 5 days to complete haha cause we are so busy. We accidently let our bus passes expire so we had to go and walked a bunch yestorday to go and get new ones. The ward is awesome here! There are so many nice families! I finally get to do District Meeting every week and I am one of the oldest in the District. I have really enjoyed imparting my knowledge and seeing the fire behind these new missionaries. After District meeting we had a funny encounter with a place that we went for lunch. Some drunk guys were there and they loved how nicely dressed we were. It was a good time! We have a member named Eleanore. She is extremely nice but does not want to come back to church. She is so awesome in just helping us out and what not! I have enjoyed chatting with her and all that hse does for us. One more quick story! This week i buried my first dead cat. A member called us and asked us to come and help so we did and ended up almost getting caught by one the cops and two some little kids haha I think it may of been illegal but shhh oh well. She wanted us to come back and do it but I said no and we finished burying it and than had to take the bag of misleading dirt to her apartment. I swear we do the crasiest things sometimes. Well this week was awesome! So much to tell but not enough time! I love you all and Hope you have a great week!

Elder Sopal

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